Our History

Our History

The story started over 15 years ago

Humble Beginnings

It all began in 2003 when our founder, Rachael Brownrigg was working as a nurse in Sheffield. Working two other jobs as a single mother – including delivering training – she was invited by a number of care group owners to bring her knowledge and skills into their care homes. From this opportunity and Rachael’s desire to improve workplace standards, Medex was born.

Initially delivering face-to-face training to care homes in the South Yorkshire area, we quickly branched out to support care group providers nationally.

Birth of Medex


Qualifying for government funded contracts allowed us to offer organisations and medium sized enterprises funded training opportunities to help them with their training expenditure.

Moving with the times, we eventually transferred all our training programs to an electronic eLearning platform and in conjunction with this developed our own bespoke Learner Management System.


Clinical Training 

Attempting to bridge a gap in the market, we began developing and facilitating a wide variety of high-quality clinical courses using experts within the nursing industry.

As part of our evolution, in 2019 we began developing an innovative virtual tool which assesses compliance knowledge in a more holistic and cost-effective way.



Medex Group Limited
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