Data Protection GDPR

This training package has been designed at an introductory level and will benefit all staff working in Health and Social Care who access and use personal data in their role.

The training complies with GDPR 2018 Guidelines and Principals.


The Outcomes

  • Discuss the GDPR legislation relating to Data Protection and sharing Information 2018
  • Discuss the need to be aware of the impact of the legislation on policies, procedures and systems within the workplace.
  • Discuss employee and employer responsibilities relating to Data Protection
  • Describe why the way we collect, store and share information and data is important.
  • Discuss why those who work in social care, at all levels and in all types of role, have a duty to uphold data principles including the way information is recorded and written down.



  • Written activities and questions
  • Participating in group activities


Course content

  • GDPR 2018 Principals
  • Why is GDPR Important
  • Seven key principles of the GDPR
  • How to put the principals of the GDPR into Practice
  • Data Protection 2018 principals and Guidelines
  • What is transparent information, and valid consent
  • Caldicott Principles and Handling Information
  • Presenting Information
  • Cyber Security and Social Media


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