End of Life Care for Nurses

To provide underpinning knowledge associated with current best practice for high quality End of Life Care and enable delegates to appropriately support and care for clients, and their families, during the final stages of life and the period that immediately follows.


By the end of the course, candidates will be able to:


  • Outline the importance of effective communication, person centred care, assessment and advance care planning
  • Describe strategies for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Discuss the need for good relationships with families, carers, health care professionals and the wider community
  • Identify how to offer practical and emotional support to all
  • Discuss how to manage a range of possible symptoms
  • Describe the elements of care required after death
  • Explain why leadership is important in providing quality care
  • Understand how to promote dignity in end of life care



Candidates will be assessed by –

  • Ability to answer questions during course
  • Discussion following feedback from activities
  • Completing a post course knowledge assessment
  • Understand the need to develop “emotional resilience”


Course content

  • Legal and professional considerations and responsibilities
  • Consent for care and treatment
  • Setting the scene
  • What is End of Life and End of Life Care
  • Person-centred end of life care
  • Communication in end of life care
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in end of life care
  • Practical and emotional support for the individual approaching the end of life
  • Assessment and care planning in end of life care
  • Symptom management in end of life care
  • Working in partnership with health and care professionals and others
  • Support for family and carers
  • Maintain own health and wellbeing when caring for someone at the end of life
  • Care after death
  • Law, ethics and safeguarding
  • Leading end of life care services and organisations
  • Improving quality in end of life care through policy, evidence and reflective practice


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