Going ‘above and beyond’​: the real cost of health and social care training.

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Over the 15+ years that Medex Group have been delivering training solutions to the health and social care community, we are extremely proud of the many ways in which we have supported and served our clients. This has ranged from being able to offer high-quality Skills for Care endorsed training, to playing a significant role in easing pressure on local GP’s in Greater Lincolnshire through our clinical training.

“The access for Nurses to complete and be assessed on Medex Group’s Verification of Expected Death training has ensured a more sympathetic, empathetic and supportive end of life care for Residents in health and social care. No longer Nurses must wait for the local GP to come out to verify the death, this frees the GP to manage his/her time to their major priorities and support the grieving families to a smooth transition into preparing the final elements of managing the dying process.” (Mark Turton – Lincolnshire Care Association Workforce Developer Manager, 2020)

It has always been our motivation to offer high-quality training that is affordable, impactful and thus, available to as many as possible. This is why our ability to provide fully funded programmes and training at no cost, has been for us (and our clients) an integral part of Medex Group’s evolution.

In consideration of the COVID19 epidemic and the on-going restrictions placed on businesses within health and social care, and indeed the wider community, it is not surprising that we find ourselves on the brink of a recession. Unfortunately for those within health and social care – an industry already struggling financially prior to lockdown – there has been an extra financial burden placed on our care homes, care groups and indeed home care companies. Quite recently one of the UK’s largest care group HC-One reported that due to ‘low occupancy and higher staffing costs’ that the health and social care industry is under ‘severe’ financial pressure. However, whilst there has been negative implications in financial terms, at the same time there has been an ever-increasing demand for health and social care training to ‘up-skill’ new staff, as well as a need for existing staff to ‘catch-up’ due to a halt in training schedules.

At Medex Group, we have found that our face-to-face training has steadily increased especially with some of our bigger clients. At such a demanding time, it is fortunate that we are able to offer our training fully funded and because of this, help clients recover much needed (training) expenditure. For example, in this year alone we have helped refund £250,000 in training for the clients we work with. Whilst in the previous financial year, we helped our partners reclaim over £900,000 of (training) expenditure back.

“Alongside an excellent level of personalised support, Medex Group provide Country Court Care (CCC) with an outstanding training service, which covers all training requirements. One area of support that has been essential to us has been via their funding department. Over many years they have helped us reclaim large portions of our training expenditure back helping to ease the financial pressure placed on the Group. Importantly, we have been able to re-distribute this money back into the business to help support other areas of development. I cannot stress how beneficial the support is we receive from Medex Group, who always go above and beyond to help us maximise our funding potential” (Joe Rice – Head of Risk and Compliance, Country Court Care, 2020)

At such times of uncertainty, we believe it is, amongst other things, essential that the health and social care community continue to come together to connect and support each other in the best way we can. Whether this be at a personal level – i.e. providing compassionate support to residents, families and, health and social care staff – or at the level of business, the primary purpose remains, we have a duty to help and serve others. In this regard, it is important for us at Medex Group to provide an insight into how we strive to move beyond just your everyday training provider, via such things as our fully funded programmes. It is hoped by doing so, we can reach out to more and more people and allow those within the health and social care sector access premium training at minimal cost.

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