Introducing the latest innovation in care home assessment by Medex Group.


Designed by leading health and social care specialists, Simcare is the latest ‘organic’ training solution to hit the care market. Created to boost compliance rates, increase depth of learning and maximise training time, at an affordable price for care operators big and small.

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Simcare is the pinnacle of care home assessment, backed by powerful content and analytics care home operators are always in full control of their compliance training.

–  How it works and key benefits –

Staff enter a virtual care home and proactively spot everyday hazards, interact with visitors, staff and residents.



 Key Benefit: The first ‘holistic’ tool of its kind to naturally blend the day-to-day occurrences within a care home with mandatory curriculum areas, allowing for a more ‘realistic’ assessment of compliance knowledge to be undertaken

Staff are asked questions associated with workplace hazards and from this their level of knowledge is assessed in reference to national and sector standards.


 Key Benefit: Designed to meet health and social care training requirements, it is fully endorsed by Skills for Care.

Works effectively to push key information to learners, automatically directing them to relevant eLearning courses if knowledge gaps are identified.


Key Benefit: Integrates seamlessly with our Learner Management System to ensure that staff compliance (and training requirements) are easily monitored at the touch of a button.

Extremely cost and time-effective compare to traditional face-to-face training and repeated eLearning.



Key Benefit: Potential to save over £25,000* in repeated annual training costs compared with traditional face-to-face (and repeated eLearning) training.

*These calculations are based on the following:

Approx. 340mins per person of mandatory eLearning time = 9.25hrs per person.
Approx. 160mins per person of online SimCare learning time = 2.66hrs per person.
Resulting in a total saving = 6.59hrs per person (training time) or, £53.90 per person (paid training time)
Across 500 care staff (averaging £8.18 per hour), this would result in an annual saving of £26,953


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